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  • 10 january 2018
    NPF SAFMAR received more than RUB 1bn for payment of non-state life pensions in 2017
  • NPF SAFMAR accepted almost nine thousand new clients-members of three funds in 2017, which licenses had been previously revoked. The Fund allocated more than RUB 140m to pay off the debt of clients of the funds being liquidated non-state pension funds, and to pay them non-state pensions in 2017. The total amount of funds allocated for the payment of life pensions to this category of clients is RUB 1.1bn.

    NPF SAFMAR became a three-time winner of competitions of Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), State Corporation for selection of the Fund in 2017, to which DIA transfers obligations to pay non-state life pensions awarded to the clients of the funds being liquidated.

    As a consequence, the Fund pays non-state life pensions to members of JSC NPF “Torgovo-Promyshlenny Pensionny Fond”, JSC NPF “MECHEL-FOND”, JSC NPF “First National Pension Fund”.

    Also, NPF SAFMAR, as the successor of NPF “European Pension Fund” (joined the Fund in 2016), pays life pensions to the members of NPF “Podolsky”.

    As a result, the total number of members who switched to the Fund exceeds nine thousand people. More than four thousand people applied to the Fund for non-state pensions in 2017. NPF SAFMAR allocated RUB 105.7m for payment of debts owed to these clients as a result of bankruptcy of their funds in July 2016. Regular pension payments to these clients made up more than RUB 38m in 2017.

    The clients who are entitled to payments but have failed to apply to the Fund are able to do so within the periods established by their agreements with the previous NPF.

    "Implementation of payments to pensioners of the funds being liquidated meets the standards of socially responsible business to which, we believe, the Pension Fund should adhere. Clients of the NPFs being liquidated should not suffer any damage and lose non-state pensions due to bankruptcy of their funds”, - commented Evgeny Yakushev, Executive Director of NPF SAFMAR.