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  • 28 may 2019
    Ignaty Danilidi has been appointed the new CEO of A101 Group
  • Sergey Kachura, CEO of A101 Group, decided to leave his position, which he held since December 2015.

    The Board of Directors appointed Ignaty Danilidi, who was Sergei Kachura’s deputy for a long time and headed the Group’s general contractor, SU-111 LLC, as the new CEO of A101.

    Ignatius Danilidi is a professional construction engineer, one of the best experts in the industry. He is well-known for his deep understanding of all construction processes, the ability to not only propose interesting solutions, but also effectively implement them. These are valuable qualities taking into account the development of new business areas of the Group.

    Ignatius Danilidi will head the A101 group of companies from June 3, 2019.