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Industrial assets

Oil Company “RussNeft” was established in 2002. Now it is one of the leaders of the Russian oil industry, according to its production volumes.

Today “RussNeft” includes 80 companies operating in 12 regions of the Russian Federation and outside the country. Several thousands of highly skilled employees are involved into industrial processes, developing the oil reserves of more than 670 million tons.

PJSC NK “RussNeft” is a public company whose shares are listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange and are included in the first (highest) level quotation list. Since 2017, the company's shares have been included in the MICEX index, the RTS index, the broad market index and the Moscow Exchange oil and gas index.

Period Y2018
Revenue 177.8 billion rubles.
EBITDA 48.6 billion rubles.
Oil production 7.5 million tons
Gas production 2.6 billion m3
Number of employees About 10 000 people.

Oil Company “Neftisа” was established in 2008. Currently, the corporate structure of JSC NK Neftis includes more than 20 companies (15 of them are mining companies), which are combined into 8 operating groups. The main activities of the companies of the group are prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits, oil production and oil trading. The company’s geography covers several large regions of the Russian Federation: Samara, Novosibirsk and Tyumen regions, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district, Perm region, the Udmurt Republic and the Komi Republic.

“Neftisa” is focused on the development of medium-sized assets with significant growth potential for current production and reserves. Today, the company conducts exploration and oil production in 109 license areas, and the total recoverable oil reserves exceed 360 million tons.

Period Y2018
Revenue 180.4 billion rubles.
EBITDA 38.5 billion rubles.
Oil production 6.8 million tons
Reserves 368 million tons
Employees 6 300 people.

The ForteInvest company was founded in 2011. The company is engaged in the extraction and processing of oil, as well as the sale of petroleum products. ForteInvest supplies a wide range of petroleum products both to the Russian market and to the foreign countries. Among these products are high-octane automobile gasolines, jet fuel, summer and winter diesel fuel, fuel oil, oils, liquefied gases, vacuum gas oil.

In 2018, ForteInvest completed the main stage of modernization of the plant; a hydrocracking complex has been deployed. It will significantly increase the quantitative and qualitative production figures of the plant. Successful modernization of production allows "Orsknefteorgsintez" to become one of the leaders of the Russian oil refining industry.

Period Y2018
Oil refining 10.751 million tons
Oil production 923 thousand tons
Oil reserves 49 million tons
Revenue 299.0 billion rubles.

JSC "Company ADAMAS" manages JSC “Krasnodar Refinery - Krasnodaronefteft” (KNPZ).

KNPZ is one of the oldest enterprises in the industry, producing high-quality products in accordance with Russian and international standards. Existing process units allow the plant to produce a wide range of products.

The Krasnodar Oil Refinery is the only executor of the production of strategically important fuel T-1, used to refuel jet engines. The company also produces raw materials for the petrochemical industry, bitumen, various brands of diesel fuel.

Period Y2018
Oil refining 2.534 million tons
Revenue 56.9 billion rubles.
Employees 950 people.
“Sladkovsko-Zarechnoye” LLC

LLC “Sladkovsko-Zarechnoye” became a part of the industrial and financial group SAFMAR in 2017. The company owns licenses for the extraction of hydrocarbons in three locations in the Orenburg region: Sladkovsko-Zarechnoye, Yasnopolyanskoe and Koshinskoe.

The recoverable oil reserves of “Sladkovsko-Zarechnoye” LLC, according to the Russian classification, amount to 123 million tons.

Period Y2018
Oil production 315 thousand tons
Revenue 5.51 billion rubles.
EBITDA 2.03 billion rubles.
Oil reserves 123 million tons
Employees 200 people.

The company “Russian Coal” was founded in 2002. Today, the holding's production assets are located in 4 Russian regions: Amur Region, the Republic of Khakassia, Kemerovo region and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The company includes coal-mining enterprises, a concentrating factory, as well as power supply, transport and repair enterprises.

Period Y2018
Revenue 96.5 billion rubles.
EBITDA 16.55 billion rubles.
Coal mining 29.7 million tons of coal
Coal reserves 1.75 billion tons.
Employees 8 000 people.

The Slavkaliy company is implementing a large-scale joint investment project of the Republic of Belarus and the SAFMAR industrial and financial group for the construction of a mining and processing complex with a capacity of up to 2 million tons of potassium chloride. The project is implemented on the basis of the eastern part of the Nezhinsky area of the Starobinsky potassium salts deposit.

Proved and probable reserves of the I and II horizons of the deposits: 112 million tons of potassium chloride (in accordance with JORC).

Planned completion of construction Y2020
Reaching full capacity Y2023
Proved reserves of potassium chloride 112 million tons
The planned number of employees 2 000 people.

The financial assets of the SAFMAR group are managed by PJSC SAFMAR Financial Investments (SFI). SFI holding company includes Non-Governmental Pension Funds SAFMAR and Mospromstroy-Fund, Europlan leasing company, also SFI owns 49% of VSK Insurance House shares.

Shares of PJSC SAFMAR Financial Investments on the Moscow Exchange are included in the highest level quotation list (ticker on the exchange: SFIN), the holding’s capitalization exceeds 50 billion rubles.

Leasing company "Europlan" was founded in 1999. Today, Europlan finances the purchase of cars for leasing for businesses and individuals and helps to use them comfortably.

Additional services of Europlan for customers include car insurance, registration of vehicles at traffic police and self-propelled vehicles at the State Technical Inspection, fuel program, road assistance program, trade-in service and delivery of vehicles throughout Russia.

Due to high-quality services and contribution to the development of leasing

in Russia, Europlan has repeatedly been recognized as the best leasing and car leasing company in the framework of international awards.

(Global Banking & Finance Review Awards, International Finance Magazine Awards, Acquisition International)

Since 2016, the company “Europlan” takes the 1st place in the segment of car leasing (leasing cars and trucks) among the leasing companies in Russia.

Financial and operational performance for the first half of 2018 (IFRS):

Leasing portfolio 46.4 billion rubles
Operating income for the leasing segment 4 billion rubles
Net income 1.4 billion rubles
Capital 10.5 billion rubles
Return on equity (RoAE) 28.7%
Return on assets (RoAE) 5.9%

SAFMAR Financial Investments is a partner of the main shareholder of VSK Insurance House: in July 2016, the integration process of the SAFMAR and VSK group's insurance businesses has been completed, and SFI received a 49% stake in the combined company.

VSK Insurance House (CJSC “VSK”) has been operating since 1992 and currently has strong positions in the Russian insurance market. In 2017, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary. The high level of the company's work has been marked three times by the gratitude of the President of Russia for its great contribution to the development of the insurance business (2002,

2007 and 2017). VSK is twice the winner of the National Competition "Company of the Year" (2013 and 2015) in the "Insurance Company" nomination.

Since 2001, VSK annually confirms the highest national rating of A++ (Exceptionally high level of reliability) according to the Expert RA rating agency; in 2017, the rating was revised using the new methodology and set at ruAA (high level of financial reliability). According to the results of the company's work in 2015, the Fitch Ratings rating agency assigned VSK a long-term financial sustainability rating of “BB-” on an international scale, confirming its validity in 2017.

Financial and operational performance for the first half of 2018 (IFRS):

Net profit 5.7 billion rubles
Insurance group fees 48.4 billion rubles
Insurance group assets 117.7 billion rubles
Capital 25.6 billion rubles
Non-Governmental pension Fund SAFMAR

SAFMAR Financial Investments holding includes Non-Governmental Pension Funds SAFMAR and Mospromstroy-Fond. They work in the segment of mandatory pension insurance and non-state pension provision.

NGPF SAFMAR has been operating since 1994 and, according to the results of the first half of 2018, it is among the top-5 funds of the country in terms of pension savings

under management and the top-6 entities in terms of the number of clients.

As of the first half of 2018:

198.2 billion rubles of assets under management More than 2.2 million customers

NGPF Mospromstroy-Fund was founded in 1995 and conducts activities in the field of non-state pension coverage (initially the fund was established for pension management for Mospromstroy employees). NGPF Mospromstroy-Fund also belongs to the SAFMAR group,

but is currently not part of the SFI holding structure. The re-organization of the fund should be completed by the end of 2018, it will be incorporated by the holding.

Retail is Russia’s largest retail chain selling electronics and household appliances.
Number of stores 404
Sales premises 670 thousand sq. m
Revenue RUB 216bn
Online sales RUB 26bn
Employees 14,900
Eldorado is a federal retail chain selling electronics and household appliances. It has stores in more than 200 cities of Russia.
Number of stores 413
Employees 15,000

A101 DEVELOPMENT specializes on real estate construction and carries out Russia’s largest urban planning Project ‘A101’ in New Moscow.

Over the past 5 years, A101 LLC investments in construction amounted RUB 34bn along with commission of more than 800 thousand square meters.

Land bank comprises of more than 2,500 hectares of land in the territory of New Moscow.

Built apartments > 16,000
Area of built facilities > 1 million sq. m
Land bank area > 2,500 hectare of land on the territory of New Moscow

One of the largest members on the market of construction and reconstruction of industrial and administrative buildings of Moscow.

For 43 years the company has constructed more than 2,000 objects of the total area of 2.1 million sq. m.

Company’s specialists constructed and reconstructed the most significant buildings and structures of the capital city that became its landmarks. As part of its hotel strategy Mospromstroy manages nine 4-5* hotels in Moscow, Astana and Minsk. Total hotel room capacity amounts to more than 2.4 thousand rooms.

Aggregate data of PJSC Mospromstroy
Constructed buildings and complexes > 2,000
Area of built constructions > 2.1 million sq. m
Employees > 10,000
Number of branches 15
Number of subsidiaries 35

The MLP management company is the market leader in quality warehouse real estate in Russia. By managing logistics complexes with a total area of over 1.8 million square meters, MLP has a 10% share in the segment of warehouse real estate of class "A".

The partners of UK MLP are the largest Russian and international companies:
  • Large retail networks;
  • The world's leading logistics operators;
  • Distribution divisions of major global manufacturers;
  • Industrial companies;
  • Pharmaceutical companies.
LLC Pioneer Estate

Pioneer Estate manages the real estate objects of Mospromstroy, that can be used as commercial real estate for various purposes. The company’s portfolio includes more than 100 facilities in Moscow and the Moscow Region - non-residential premises in residential buildings, stand-alone buildings, and production and storage facilities. The total area of the facilities managed by Pioneer Estate LLC is more than 500 thousand square meters.

JSC “Corporation A.N.D.”

“Corporation A.N.D.” is one of the largest Russian commercial real estate managing companies. The company is engaged in an almost complete cycle of services in the commercial real estate market: from investment consulting, development of concepts and pre-project work on new facilities to management of engineering and technical operations, commercial management and marketing support for existing facilities.

The company manages the existing shopping and leisure centers, retail premises in the street retail format, hotel and multifunctional complexes in the Moscow region. Over the next five years, under the management of “Corporation A.N.D.” several shopping and multifunctional centers will be built in Moscow and the Moscow Region with a total area of up to 1 million square meters.

A developed network of the most prestigious hotels in Moscow represents the hotel business of the SAFMAR group. The Group’s hotels operate under the brand names of well-known international hotel chains that set high standards of guest service.

Moscow hotels of the SAFMAR group, which are managed by the SAFMAR Plaza holding, are the hallmark of the Russian capital, as they are located in historical buildings in the city center. The Group also manages hotels in Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.

The holding company SAFMAR Plaza includes hotels:

SAFMAR Group includes 7 federal radio stations and the television holding company, Bridge TV. The group is one of the leaders in the Russian media industry in terms of the number of stations and the total daily average audience.

The TV-channels of the Group are united into the Bridge Media holding:

Bridge TV;

Bridge TV Russian Hit;

Bridge TV Classic;

Bridge TV Hits;

Bridge TV Deluxe.